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Attendance, Absence and Punctuality

Attendance Matters: It's a focus for everyone.

Attendance Matters: It's a focus for everyone.

Please note:
This web page gives information on how our school would operate under normal circumstances. Please see the 'COVID-19' information page for operational changes to our service due to Coronavirus and government guidance.

Good attendance leads to good progress and achievement. Always aim for 100% attendance.

Regular and prompt attendance forms the basis of the Attendance Policy. Parents/carers are strongly encouraged to ensure their child understands the importance of punctuality as part of their general education.


For pupils to achieve their best they should always try to be on time and in school every day unless there is a valid reason.


When absence is unavoidable, perhaps due to illness, parents are asked to notify the school as soon as possible.

  • Our policy is to follow-up pupil absence as quickly as possible by text, telephone or letter.
  • Our Family Support Advisor, Mr Morley, carries out home visits and meets with parents/carers to support attendance.
  • If pupils are absent from school please let us know as soon as possible. When pupils return to school they must bring a note from their parents giving the dates and reason for their absence.
  • Should time off school be required for any reason, parents should inform the school beforehand.
  • Holidays should only be taken in school holiday times.

We ask parents to contact the school by 9 am on the first morning of an absence to avoid recording an unauthorised absence. The school attendance officer will contact you if this is not done. Under DfE guidance, the Headteacher may only grant leave of absence in exceptional circumstances. 

Appointments and signing out, illness and accidents, lunchtimes

Appointments and signing out: Any pupil who needs to leave the premises during the school day, for any reason, will need a letter from their parent/carer and must sign out at the main reception. We ask that medical appointments are ideally made outside school hours. However, if a pupil does need to leave school to attend a medical appointment they must bring in a note from their doctor/dentist or have an appointment card/text. Pupils should return to school as soon as possible after their appointment and must remember to sign in again.

Illness and Accidents: If a pupil feels unwell they must inform a member of staff and they will be sent to the main office. If a pupil is unable to continue with their lessons their parent/carer will be contacted. Whilst the school has a number of qualified first aiders who can deal with emergencies, we do not have a school nurse based on site. Pupils who report as ill will be assessed and where necessary parents will be informed or an ambulance called. On no account should a pupil take it upon themselves to leave a lesson or the school premises without authorised permission from their parent and without following the correct signing out procedure.

Lunchtimes: All pupils are to remain on-site at lunchtime.