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Every student is entitled to a broad, balanced, relevant, coherent, progressive and differentiated curriculum. At all stages of development, learning should be structured, and should be a stimulating, enjoyable and worthwhile experience in its own right. Equality of access and opportunity should underpin provision for all.

The aim at Risedale is to provide a world class curriculum which stimulates and motivates students irrespective of background. All students deserve the chance to aspire to a future beyond the normal constraints. Our curriculum looks to break the mould, and raise expectations, so that students understand they are part of a greater, wider world with practically limitless possibilities. The main mantra of our curriculum is to be inclusive, to challenge and to engage all students positively in their learning through a broader understanding of the world around them. Throughout this, we emphasise kindness and empathy through a family ethos. To achieve this, we have 5 clear pillars which underpins our whole school curriculum vision. 

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Looking to the Future

Jobs of the future, with the increasing reliance on computers and artificial intelligence, are a great unknown. However all employers agree that students need and deserve a rounded curriculum which encourages problem solving, strong social skills, team-work, collaboration and independence. We pledge at Risedale to ensure your child is well placed to face these future challenges with a positive outlook and strong resilience. Check out our Careers page for further information.

Relationship and Sex Education at Risedale (RSE)

For the current academic year (2019-2020), parents/carers do have the right to withdraw their child from sex education delivered as part of RSE if they so wish. This does not include what is taught as part of the science curriculum. If you wish to withdraw your child from RSE then please contact the school. Also if you have any views, questions or concerns on The Relationship and Sex Education Policy for Risedale Sports and Community College please contact the school to discuss these or email


For information about each curriculum area please contact the Head of Faculty or Vice Principal, Mr Yates, by emailing or call us on 01748 833501.