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At Risedale we believe that our uniform helps pupils to feel part of the Risedale Family.

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Why we wear it:

  • To show that we belong to the Risedale Family
  • To take pride in our school and ourselves
  • Making the effort to look smart can have a positive effect on our attitude to learning
  • To practice dressing appropriately for the world of work and life beyond school

Please contact the school should you have any difficulty in purchasing specific items of uniform and we will do all we can to help. We will never allow any pupil to be disadvantaged by circumstance and will always do all we can to support families in particular need during the current economic situation.

The Risedale School uniform and PE kit is a requirement for every pupil. We do not have a specific uniform for different seasons/times of the year. We have kept our uniform costs to an absolute minimum by reducing the need for clothing items with branded logos on them. Most items are unbranded and can therefore be bought from general retail outlets (eg. supermarkets and high street shops). Branded items are listed below and are specifically marked as 'Schoolshop only as branded' these items can only be purchased from

IMPORTANT: To guarantee delivery for September 2024, please order all school uniform online before Monday 29th July.

Our Uniform:

  • Blazer: A black blazer with patch pockets embroidered with the school badge (Schoolshop only as branded). This should be worn at all times, except on non-blazer days OR if given permission to remove by a teacher within a classroom due to the temperature at the time.
  • Tie: Pupils wear a tie in their specific house colour generating a strong sense of identity and belonging (Attenborough, Pankhurst, Seacole, Turing). These can be bought directly from Schoolshop online. Replacement ties are available to purchase either via ParentPay from the school reception or by bringing £6.00 cash into the school.
  • Shirt: Formal plain white shirt or fitted blouse (worn tucked in) with neck fastened for the tie.
  • Skirt or Trousers:
    • Skirts: Skirts must be plain black and of appropriate length – short skirts are not acceptable in a school environment at any time.
    • Trousers: Trousers must be plain black and full-length to the shoes.
  • Shorts (optional and seasonal): black trouser-type/tailored shorts instead of skirts or trousers in the hot summer months – sports shorts of any type are not allowed instead of trousers or skirts.
  • Jumper (optional): A plain black jumper or sweatshirt may be worn under the blazer at any time around school but any logo must be discrete and fully covered by the blazer.
  • Hoodies (optional): These must be taken off when in a classroom and must not be worn instead of, or underneath, a blazer. Coats during cold weather are always more appropriate than hoodies.
  • Shoes: Black leather or leather-type shoes or black shoe-type footwear only to be worn (eg. 'Vans') but must be plain and not sports shoes – if a pupil wears training shoes for a break or lunch activity then these must be changed back to school shoes for lessons.
  • Socks or Tights: Plain socks or black/neutral-coloured tights.
  • Belts (optional): Plain black or brown single-colour belt with a simple small plain buckle.

Other information regarding uniform and appearance:

  • Piercings: Up to 2 simple stud earrings per ear and one small simple nose stud is allowed. However; these must be removed for PE and pupils may not wear nose septum piercings for safety reasons anywhere around school at any time.
  • Hairstyles: Risedale encourages individuality and we accept that some pupils may choose to dye their hair or have an individual style, short or long, to their hair. However; any colour chosen should be reasonable and fluorescent hair-colours are not acceptable.
  • Head/hair coverings: Whilst indoors, pupils must not wear hats or other accessories covering their head or hair unless this is specifically for religious reasons or medical need (eg. alopecia).
  • Other information: Any pupil wearing an inappropriate item of clothing will have that item confiscated until the end of the day and offered an alternative, if necessary, from the Year Team Managers or Office Staff. This may include ‘pump’ type shoes for footwear offenders and is not negotiable. Persistent offenders will have items confiscated and parents/carers will need to come to school to collect such items.

PE Kit:

  • T-shirt: Risedale PE t-shirt (Schoolshop only as branded).
  • Shorts: Plain navy shorts.
  • Socks: Navy sports socks.
  • Trainers: Appropriate sports footwear.
  • Jumper (optional): Risedale branded zip sports top (Schoolshop only as branded).
  • Skort (optional): Navy.
  • Leggings (optional): Navy. 

GCSE PE and Cambridge National in Sport Studies Kit:

Pupils that have opted for GCSE PE or Cambridge National in Sport Studies at Key Stage 4 have a specific kit which can be purchased from our new supplier Motif8: Link for Risedale School