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Service Children's Art Workshop

18/04/2024 Top News

Military Children unite in creative collaboration.

In celebration of the Month of the Military Child 💜 , a special workshop unfolded on Thursday 18th April at Risedale School. Led by Angela Campbell and the Service Children Champion's team, the event aimed to spotlight the remarkable strength and resilience of military children while showcasing the work of talented local artist Lucy Pittaway.

Service children from across North Yorkshire are participating in a unique art project. They're recreating small, abstract elements from Pittaway's artwork on individual canvases. These canvases will later be assembled into a single, powerful piece featuring flowers and imagery that embodies the spirit of military children.

This collaborative masterpiece will be displayed at two prestigious events: the Service Children's Awards at The Garden Rooms at Tennants, Leyburn, and the Service of Remembrance at Ripon Cathedral in November.

"It was a wonderful afternoon filled with stories, laughter, and a chance for the children to reflect on their unique strengths," shared Mrs Johnson, Risedale’s Service Children's Advocate. "I'm confident this is the beginning of many future collaborations with the Service Children's Champion. I can't wait to see the combined hard work and dedication of Service Children from across North Yorkshire come together as a single piece."

On Facebook, Lucy Pittaway commented, “It’s just fantastic to see so many young and talented pupils get creative. You are all such an inspiration.”

More information and support for Service Children and military families can be found on our dedicated website page: Service Children.


The Finished Artwork

Lucy Pittaway