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Risedale places reading at the centre of everything we do

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Our Library

Risedale places reading at the centre of everything we do, and we encourage every pupil to read regularly both at school and at home. The library is a well-used and busy part of the school. Last year over 8,000 loans were issued to staff and pupils.

The library is a welcoming and vibrant space that stocks a wide range of both fiction and non-fiction resources. Pupils, as well as staff, are encouraged to suggest books for future purchase, to make sure the stock is relevant and interesting.

The library is open all day for use by classes and individual pupils. All year groups have an English lesson based in the library once a fortnight. Pupils are also welcome to use the facilities at break, lunchtime and after school. As well as a study area, with tables and chairs, there is a seating area for quiet reading and an area with resources to play games or take part in activities.

Our Librarian, Miss Sellers, is on hand throughout the day to support pupils with book selection, as well as homework and research.

Lots of activities and competitions run in the library during the year to encourage reading for interest and pleasure. Pupils also help run the library through the Pupil Librarian system.