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Homework at Risedale

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Risedale staff have high expectations and believe that success is possible for all. Learning beyond the classroom is part of these expectations.


  • Homework is an important part of learning at Risedale. The purpose of homework is to engage and challenge pupils with meaningful and interesting tasks. Completing homework regularly will greatly improve pupil progress.
  • Managing out of school learning is a great way to improve organisational skills; an important life tool.
  • All subjects set homework and Google Classroom will often be used for this.
  • A range of tasks including flipped learning, research, project tasks and reading will be set.
  • Not all homework will be completed at home. Some pupils find it easier and more effective (because of resources available) to complete homework at school. Homework clubs are provided as well as 'Extended School' for year 11 pupils.

How to approach homework and what if you 'get stuck'

All your teachers will set your homework and talk you through it in class. Google Classroom will often be used. It's up to you to have a go and use the support provided for you to complete it effectively and on time. You can still ask for help if you need it.

If pupils find homework difficult or 'get stuck' we encourage them to do at home what we encourage at school. Brain, book, buddy, boss. Find the answer for themselves by THINKING, RESEARCHING, ASKING A FRIEND and only then CONTACTING THEIR TEACHER or ASKING A PARENT. Learning is all about finding solutions to problems and ‘GETTING STUCK’ is all part of the process.

Steps to success

  • Teachers will set realistic deadlines for you.
  • Your homework should be submitted on the deadline and your teacher will record if you have completed your work to a good standard.
  • If you do not meet the 1st deadline or if the work is not at the required standard you will be given a 2nd deadline.
  • If you fail to complete the work for the 2nd deadline, a time for detention will be set.
  • You will only need to attend this detention if the homework isn't submitted beforehand. Your teacher will then inform you that the detention has been cancelled.

Follow up

If you do not complete your homework and you do not attend detention this will be recorded and further action will be taken to support you in this process.