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Success for Risedale's Young Writers

15/12/2023 Top News

Risedale School’s aspiring poets have once again excelled in the Young Writers poetry competition, with some of their work being selected for publication.

PHOTO: L-R Renesmee Bascombe-Nakoma (7Laheney), Skyla Stamper (8Blatch) and Ruby Taylor (7Laheney).

“It’s been a phenomenal term for our talented writers,” remarked Teacher of English, Miss Douglas. “The entries for the ‘This is Me’ competition were truly inspiring, and I couldn’t be more proud of our pupils. Some of their pieces have even been chosen to be published, which is an incredible achievement!”

The ‘This is Me’ competition encourages young writers to explore their identities and express their individuality through poetry. Risedale’s pupils embraced this challenge with enthusiasm, submitting a remarkable array of heartfelt and thought-provoking poems.

Miss Douglas commended the high standard of submissions, highlighting the pupils’ ability to capture complex emotions and convey them with clarity and sensitivity.

“Their poems are a testament to their creativity and passion for poetry,” she said. “I’m thrilled that some of their work will be shared with a wider audience.”

The selected poems will be featured in the Young Writers’ anthology, which will be distributed to schools and libraries across the country. This exposure will not only allow the pupils to showcase their talent but also inspire and encourage other aspiring writers.

Risedale School is committed to nurturing the creative talents of its pupils, and the Young Writers competition has once again demonstrated the school’s commitment to providing a platform for aspiring poets to flourish. With such impressive results, it is clear that the future of Risedale’s poetry scene is bright.

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