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Year 7 Rugby

26/02/2024 Sports News

Year 7 Rugby: Risedale shows grit in match against Richmond.

Despite facing challenging weather and a skilled opponent, the Year 7 Risedale rugby team displayed remarkable resilience and sportsmanship during their match against Richmond School on Monday, 26th February.

Both teams demonstrated exceptional character and commitment throughout the game, turning it into a valuable learning experience for all involved. The spirit of sportsmanship remained high despite the competitive nature of the match.

"I'm incredibly proud of our team," said PE Teacher Mr. Lawson. "For many, this was their first taste of competitive rugby, and they truly embraced the experience. It was clear that they were having a great time, and several players even discovered a newfound passion for the sport."

While the final score went to Richmond with 7 tries to 2, the Risedale players gained valuable experience and are now looking forward to showcasing their skills at the upcoming Area Rugby 7s tournament.

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