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Year 8 Art: The Age of Stone

07/12/2023 Top News

Dive into the world of prehistoric art history with Risedale's Year 8 pupils, who have embarked on a captivating journey through the ages.

The Art department at Risedale has launched its exciting new ‘art history’ based curriculum this term. This three-year project takes pupils on a chronological journey through art history, from stone-age art to contemporary gallery artists working today. Each era investigated will test pupils’ abilities in art, creativity, analytical writing, research and presentation methods, whilst also helping them to better understand the place of art in society.

Year 8 were the first to embark on this journey, making cave-art-inspired creations. Head of Art Ms Westwood said,

“I am so pleased with how they have embraced the challenge of working on a larger scale with such tricky materials, particularly as they could only use ‘stone-age’ tools to draw with, like twigs and sticks. They had lots of fun learning these new art skills and crucially, they gained an appreciation for how important art was at this point in our history.”