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Year 10 Boys Football

06/03/2024 Sports News

Risedale Y10 boys play competitive match against Stokesley School.

The Risedale Y10 boys' football team played a close game against Stokesley School and Sixth Form College on Wednesday 6th March. Despite being a mixed team with both Y9 and Y10 players, the Risedale team showed excellent coordination and never gave up.

Down by a penalty early on, the Risedale boys fought back and took the lead 3-2 by halftime. Omar Secka (9Sandell) and Lucas Kirk (10Dunphy) displayed composure, while Mason Boardman (10Watkinson) delivered a powerful shot from 30 yards out.

The Risedale coaches believe in giving all players a chance to participate, promoting a lifelong love for the sport. Substitutions were made throughout the game, ensuring everyone had playing time.

The final score ended 6-4 in Stokesley's favour, but not before Kieran Warburton (10Dunphy) chipped a fantastic goal over the opposition's goalkeeper's head from 25 yards out.

While disappointed with the loss, Teacher of PE, Mr Lawson, was incredibly proud of the team's performance. The game could have gone either way, with some close calls at the goal line and excellent saves by the Stokesley goalkeeper.

The Y10 football team's next challenge will be a charity match against the Year 11s to raise money for Comic Relief.

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