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Work Experience for Risedale Alumni

24/04/2023 Top News

Former Risedale pupils Matilda and Kingsley enjoy a week of teaching work experience.

In April, two ex-pupils returned for a week of teaching work experience at their Alma Mater - Risedale.

We were delighted to welcome back former Lead Senior Pupil Ambassador Matilda Melody and Deputy Kingsley Green for a taste of life from the other side of the classroom.

Matilda and Kingsley are now pupils at Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form College in Darlington studying hard for their A-Level qualifications.

Matilda said:

“I was so happy to be back at Risedale. It was such an incredible experience and I cannot thank the staff enough for putting in the time to make this fantastic opportunity possible. Myself and Kingsley were welcomed back with open arms, not only by the staff but by the pupils too. It was like we never left! I really enjoyed being a part of the pupils' lessons and knowing that I have played a small role in their education is an amazing reward. I didn't think it was possible to want to become a teacher more than I already did, but this experience has proved me wrong!"

Deputy Headteacher, Mrs Matthewman, said:

“Matilda was an amazing addition to our staff team during her week of work experience with the Risedale Family. From observing, supporting and delivering learning to pupils, Matilda was so genuine, empathetic and intuitive that I feel sure teaching will be an excellent choice for her.”

Head of the Maths Faculty, Mr Carter, said of Kingsley:

“As well as supporting some of our pupils with their learning, Kingsley led an ‘A-Level’ style lesson with my Y10 class. The lesson was on ‘Constant Acceleration Formulae’ and gave pupils a taste of a topic normally studied in the mechanics section of A-level maths. The Y10 pupils rose to the challenge and were keen to ask Kingsley questions about his life at Risedale and beyond. Kingsley described it as his first ‘proud teacher moment’ when he realised how well the pupils had answered his A-Level problems. Let us hope it will be the first of many moments, as I am already convinced he would be a credit to the profession.”

Kingsley said:

“I must firstly thank Mrs Matthewman and the staff for welcoming me back and allowing me to conduct my work experience at Risedale - the warm welcome was really lovely! I’d also like to thank Mr Carter and the Maths department for fitting me into their busy timetable and letting me teach some classes. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and felt quite nostalgic being back in the busy corridors with all the pupils. It was a joy to teach in the school and it was great to feel that I was contributing to the pupils’ education. I hope that one day I might head back to Risedale as a qualified teacher.”

On Facebook, Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form College, said:

“How wonderful - we're delighted that Matilda and Kingsley enjoyed their work experience. Thank you for welcoming them back.”