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The Swaledale Festival - ‘Talk of the Land’

26/05/2023 Top News

Fourteen Risedale pupils were given the opportunity to work with visual artist Rachel Antrill and sound artist, Patrick Green, to produce a collaborative artwork for the Swaledale Festival annual exhibition.

They were introduced to the project during an engaging workshop in school where together, they explored creative drawing techniques and recorded a haunting spoken-word piece, inspired by objects and sounds in nature. From there, the pupils visited an ancient woodland in Gunnerside, to draw and record sounds directly from the natural environment. They used bracken to make individual ghost prints on paper that they added to back in the classroom, using art materials and written words. They also recorded a second soundscape, made up of words that reflected on their experiences of the ancient woodland.

Head of Art, Ms Westwood, said:

“I was so impressed with how these young artists engaged so thoughtfully and intelligently with unconventional processes and the concept of the project. They developed a real understanding of how art can be used to communicate deep and meaningful messages about the world to audiences in galleries. I am proud of what they achieved and how they have each grown as artists.” 


The final piece of work was an incredibly moving installation titled ‘Talk of the Land’ and was exhibited at The Mezzanine Gallery at the Station in Richmond from 26th May - 7th June.