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Service Pupils take part in 'The Big Conversation'

06/12/2023 Top News

Risedale School pupils join 'The Big Conversation' to enhance support for Service Children in North Yorkshire.

On Wednesday 6th December, three pupils from Risedale School were invited to take part in 'The Big Conversation', a new initiative aimed at raising awareness and enhancing support for Service Children in North Yorkshire. The inaugural event took place at Northallerton County Hall and featured engaging workshops, guest speakers, and opportunities for pupils to share their perspectives and experiences as members of military families.

The three pupils who attended the event were Ollie Brend (9 Shephard), Emily-Faye Fort (9 Vizor), and Scott Meah (9 Shephard). They were joined by over 60 other Service Children from across North Yorkshire, along with their teachers.

The purpose of 'The Big Conversation' was to gather input from Service Children on how to better support them during their parents' deployments and their time in North Yorkshire. The event featured a variety of interactive workshops that fostered open communication and encouraged pupils to express their thoughts, feelings, and experiences as Service Children. Creative writing exercises, group projects, and discussions with guest speakers provided platforms for pupils to share their unique perspectives and connect with their peers on a personal level.

Emily-Faye Fort, one of the participating pupils, expressed her enthusiasm for the event, stating,

"I had a really good day. The Big Conversation was really interesting and we talked a lot about what it was like to be a Service Pupil and what that meant to us. I particularly enjoyed the group project, where we worked together to create a banner representing our different experiences as Service Children.”

Mrs Johnson, Risedale's Service Children's Advocate, who accompanied the pupils to the event, echoed Emily-Faye's sentiment, remarking,

“It was a truly wholesome day filled with exciting activities. It was lovely to see the pupils expressing their feelings about being a military child and getting to know one another.”

“We extend our gratitude to the Service Children's Champion, North Yorkshire Youth Voice, and Children's and Families Services for organising such a fantastic event. We eagerly anticipate the next one.”

The initiative is part of a broader effort to recognise and support the needs of Service Children, who face unique challenges due to their parents' military service. Events like 'The Big Conversation' are helping to create a more inclusive environment for these children and their families.

The Big Conversation