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Textiles Trip to Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form College

15/06/2023 Top News

A terrific day at Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form College for the Textiles Club.

On Monday 12th June, pupils from Risedale attended an exciting day of experimental screen printing and fashion design at Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form College's Textiles Department.

During the day, they learned about the screen printing process and how to layer multiple colours and patterns to create unique designs.

In the afternoon, the pupils were divided into three groups and challenged to drape their handprinted fabrics onto a mannequin and design a garment. They were encouraged to experiment with form, shape, and folding techniques to create unique silhouettes. The competition was intense, with everyone vying for the coveted mannequin challenge trophy.

Mrs Vizor, Teacher of Design and Technology at Risedale, was thrilled with the results commenting,

“The Textiles trip at QE was fantastic! The pupils represented Risedale so well and created some fantastic prints and garments. The pupils learnt some brilliant new skills that they will hopefully take forwards into GCSE DT. Everyone had a great day and I'm super proud. I’m already looking forward to our next trip and working in partnership with QE again!”

We extend our gratitude to Assistant Head of Art, Teacher of Textiles, Rachel Barras, for organising the day.

Pupil Feedback:

  • Mlak Bakar (9 Dunphy) “I thought today was enjoyable. I loved the experience. I also had a lot of fun designing a dress.”
  • Paige Doak (9 Dunphy) “I thought today was really good and everyone was really nice and I’m considering going to QE now.”
  • Charlotte Edwards (9 Dunphy) “I had fun designing and creating the dress/outfit.”
  • Mollie Thirwell (9 Houlgate) “I thoroughly enjoyed today and learnt a lot about textiles. I really loved unleashing my creativity. It was amazing. So much fun and definitely swayed me towards DT and Textiles.”

On Facebook, Rachel Barras commented,

"Such a great day with these lovely students! You’re all welcome back to QE anytime, especially in Textiles! I hope to see you applying for arts courses in the future 🤩"

On Facebook, Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form College commented:

"Thank you so much for coming along and visiting our Art department. We're delighted that the students enjoyed themselves!"

Back at Risedale, the Textiles Club pupils put their newfound inspiration into action expertly crafting stunning fashion garment collages using their hand-screen-printed textiles. The results are truly remarkable and showcase their immense talent and craftsmanship. It's clear that they could all have a bright future ahead of them in the world of fashion and textile design.