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Sunflower Competition Winners

14/09/2023 Top News

Congratulations to the winners of our Sunflower Competition 2023.

We would like to extend our congratulations to the winners of our Sunflower Competition, which was held during the summer holidays. The Clarke Family secured 1st place due to their three remarkable entries, while Thomas Hawkins earned 2nd prize.

The heights of the winning sunflowers were as follows:

  • Toby-George Clarke: 313cm
  • Paula Clarke: 297cm
  • Mackenzie Clarke: 280cm
  • Thomas Hawkins: 165cm

Mr. Higham, the competition organizer, expressed his astonishment at the overwhelming number of exceptional sunflower submissions this year. Both pupils and parents participated in the competition, resulting in outstanding outcomes despite the unfavourable weather conditions throughout the summer.

“I really hope that this event marks the beginning of a budding interest in gardening and horticulture among our young learners. My aspiration is that this experience will lead them in their understanding of the important role that green spaces and gardens play in supporting wildlife and addressing wider issues such as global warming.”

Sunflower Competition Winners