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24/01/2024 Sports News

Risedale and Thirsk play a thrilling match in a tense Rugby encounter🏉.

On Wednesday 24th January, Risedale School's Year 9 rugby team, supported by some Year 8 pupils, locked horns with the team from Thirsk School and Sixth Form College in a nail-biting match that ended in a thrilling 10-all draw. The encounter, described by PE Teacher Mr Lawson as "a fantastic game of rugby between two extremely even teams," showcased immense resilience and skill from both sides.

The game started with Risedale quickly taking the lead through their explosive running skills creating offload opportunities and allowing their teammates to break tackles early on. This put them on the front foot, exuding confidence with the ball in hand. However, Thirsk's experience at the breakdown proved crucial, as they turned over possession and marched up the field, capitalising on their clinical play. By halftime, Risedale found themselves trailing 6 tries to 3, facing a daunting second half.

The second half commenced with both teams showcasing some excellent defensive work and tackling techniques that stifled attacking plays. The tension mounted as Thirsk managed to score again, seemingly putting Risedale on the back foot. But the Risedale pupils refused to yield. Fueled by determination, they dug deep and scored a remarkable four unanswered tries, bringing the game level.

The final whistle blew with the score locked at 10-all, a testament to the incredible work ethic and skill displayed by both teams. Neither side could be separated in this thrilling game and both Risedale and Thirsk can undoubtedly hold their heads high after such a fiercely contested match.

Well done everyone! 

Mr Lawson - Teacher of PE

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