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Risedale School Remembers

25/01/2024 Top News

Holocaust Memorial Day and Remembrance Poetry Competition

Risedale School held a poignant and impactful assembly on Thursday 25th January, to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day. Led by Head of History, Mr Houlgate, and dedicated pupils, the assembly explored the horrors of this dark chapter in history and the enduring importance of remembrance.

Joining the school community were three members of the Garrison Veterans’ Catterick Historical Archive Group: Veterans Mark Hill MBE, Paula Rogers, and Pete Wine. Pupils delivered a confident and educational presentation, their research and heartfelt words ensuring the victims of the Holocaust were never forgotten. Veteran Pete Wine's unique perspective, gained from visiting Bergen-Belsen in the 1980s, added further depth to the occasion.

Mr Houlgate said, “It filled me with great pride to see our pupils standing side by side with local veterans, remembering the horrors of the Holocaust, united in the conviction that we must never let it happen again.”

Honouring Remembrance Through Creativity:

The assembly also celebrated the Remembrance Day Poetry Competition, a collaboration with the Garrison Armed Forces Veterans iHub. Showcasing the remarkable creativity of Risedale's pupils, the competition's poems served as powerful testaments to remembrance and reflection. The winning entries will be displayed in a local museum later this year, amplifying their message to a wider audience.

Community Collaboration and Appreciation:

Mark Hill MBE commended the assembly and collaboration, stating, "It was a profound and moving experience, strengthening the school's ties with the local community." He further acknowledged the support of local entrepreneur and Veteran Simon Hilliard, of Ellerton Lakeside Cafe, whose generous prize sponsorship solidified the connection between Risedale and the veterans' community.

Learning and Legacy:

Risedale School's Holocaust Memorial Day assembly and Remembrance Day Poetry Competition stand as powerful examples of the school's commitment to holistic education. These initiatives not only educate and inspire pupils but also strengthen community ties. Through such meaningful activities, Risedale ensures the lessons of the past are not forgotten and future generations continue to stand against hatred and intolerance.

Remembrance Poems