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Risedale Explorers: Catterick Camp Railway

14/07/2023 Top News


Mark Hill MBE tells us all about the first adventure for our #RisedaleExplorers.

"What a fantastic day it was! The dedicated members of our Veterans Heritage & History Group provided valuable support to students of Risedale School, creating a thoroughly enjoyable, educational, and enlightening experience.

Our adventure commenced in the Lidl car park. It was there that we had the privilege of being joined by Col. John from The Station in Richmond, who astounded us with the original blueprints for the Catterick Camp Railway – an absolute marvel.

From there, we embarked on a walk towards where the Walkerville Crossing once stood, accompanied by Bill, whose extensive knowledge left us in awe. Following our newly created heritage map, we headed back towards Lidl, delving deeper into the history of the Lidl site, particularly the former Hotel Walkerville that once stood there. Along the heritage trail, our knowledgeable Veterans provided insightful commentary as we made our way towards Colburn, we observed signs of the former railway line along the way. We eventually reached the location that was once home to 60 Squadron, a big thank you to Knile for enriching our understanding with his knowledge.

The old railway line led us to a crossroads known locally as the White Shops, where we met Paula, who told us about the history of the area.

Thank you to Paula for her vast knowledge, the students expressed their heartfelt appreciation to Paula for her extensive knowledge and learned about the surrounding area of the junction and the wider vicinity, which is steeped in rich heritage and history. We want to thank Paula for her knowledge; the kids learned about the surrounding region of the junction and the wider vicinity, which is rich in tradition and history.

Our heritage route map contained both current photos and images of what used to be there, making it an excellent visual aid for navigation and learning. We continued in an easterly direction toward Camp Centre.

We arrived at Piave Lines after being picked up by our community minibus and had lunch at The Centenary Hub. This structure is steeped in history, with portraits and pictures dating back decades, making it an appropriate setting to relax and enjoy our lunch.

Following lunch, we travelled to Shildon to meet with Senior Explainer, Anne Hopps, and her crew at the Locomotion Railway Museum. What a fantastic experience for everyone, Anne gave a brilliant presentation about the Catterick Camp Railway. After receiving briefings from her staff, we were given a guided tour of the museum, and after a little stroll, we came upon engineers laying a new line.

A fantastic day was had by all, thank you to everyone involved."

Mark Hill MBE | Veteran

Catterick Camp Railway