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Risedale Explorers: Heritage & History Trail

27/10/2023 School Trips

Mark Hill MBE tells us all about an exciting day out for our #RisedaleExplorers.

“What an Amazing day we had with a group of Year 9 Risedale School history students! #RisedaleExplorers!  

We embarked on an enlightening journey as we followed in the footsteps of the 'Catterick Camp Military Railway Heritage Trail.' 

Guided by the incredible Veterans from the 'Catterick Historical Archive,' we were transported back in time through the pages of local history and heritage. Their passion and knowledge left us all in awe. 

The students, a true testament to their school, were a delight to have with us. They were incredibly inquisitive and filled the air with endless questions, showing a hunger for knowledge.    

Our journey continued as we paid our respects walking down the ‘Memorial Walk’. 

After arriving at Camp Centre Roundabout, we delved into the rich history of the Garrisons’ Historical Archive Room. The room was filled with captivating photos, military kit and equipment, and even ancient Roman artefacts! 

Some of the students even got to step into the shoes of history, trying on old uniforms and diving into folders with photos and information spanning over the decades. 

After visiting the Catterick Historical Archive, our adventure continued as we made our way to the Locomotion Railway Museum in Shildon.    

Here, the Risedale Explorers had the incredible opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of steam locomotives. The students also attended a captivating workshop, learning more about the history of Catterick Garrison.

What a remarkable day of learning, exploration, and fun! We couldn't be prouder of the Year 9 students from Risedale School for their curiosity, enthusiasm, and respect for our local history and heritage. Thank you to the teachers, Mr Houlgate and colleagues, for their support. 

A huge thank you to our amazing history guides and mentors from the Catterick Garrison Armed Forces & Veterans iHub, Bill, Knile, Paula, Peter, and John. Your inspirational input and dedication truly made this day unforgettable. Your passion for local history and heritage shone through and ignited the same enthusiasm in the Risedale Explorers.”

Mark Hill MBE | Veteran

Heritage & History Trail