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A new platform for pupil voices

14/03/2024 Top News

Risedale's Mental Health Ambassadors launch a new Google Classroom for wellbeing.

Risedale School's dedicated team of Pupil Mental Health Ambassadors are continuing to make strides in their mission to promote positive mental health and wellbeing across the school community. Recently the ambassadors unveiled an exciting new initiative: a Google Classroom for wellbeing.

This online platform, accessible to all Risedale pupils, creates a space for open communication and collaboration on matters related to mental health and wellbeing. The platform's primary goal is to empower pupils to share ideas and contribute to fostering a positive school environment that prioritises everyone's wellbeing.

School Counsellor, Lisa Smith, said, ”We are really excited to launch this platform within school so that all pupils at Risedale have a voice for positive mental health and wellbeing ideas.”

Important Note: The “Positive Mental Health Ideas” Google Classroom is not intended for pupils to share personal concerns or anxieties. It serves as a platform to come up with ideas and foster a positive and supportive school environment. School staff will be monitoring the platform to ensure it is used as intended.

Building on Success:

The Pupil Mental Health Ambassadors have already made significant contributions to the school community.  On World Mental Health Day (13/10/23), the ambassadors presented a whole school assembly to raise awareness about mental health. They've also completed a course in pupil mentor training, equipping them with valuable skills to support their peers.

Looking Forward:

The ambassadors are brimming with new ideas to further their positive impact. They're taking inspiration from the Google Classroom suggestions, with plans to install a "Suggestions Box" near the Pupil Reception. This drop-in box will provide pupils with a safe and anonymous way to share their worries and ideas.

Fundraising for a Mental Health charity is another initiative on the horizon. This will not only raise vital funds for a worthy cause but also continue to raise the profile of mental health within the school.

A Whole School Approach:

Risedale School is committed to a "Whole School Approach" to Mental Health and Wellbeing, recognising the importance of a coordinated effort across the entire school community. The Pupil Mental Health Ambassadors are a key part of this approach, and their initiatives complement the school's wider mental health strategy.

The ambassadors are also taking an active role in shaping school policy. They will be working alongside School Counsellor, Lisa Smith, to review the school's Positive Mental Health Policy, ensuring their voices are heard in the decision-making process.

Risedale School applauds the ongoing efforts of the Mental Health Ambassadors and their dedication to creating a supportive and inclusive environment for all pupils. The launch of the Google Classroom for wellbeing, alongside their other initiatives, is a significant step forward in empowering pupils and fostering a culture of open communication and positive mental health at Risedale.

Expanding the Team:

The Pupil Mental Health Ambassadors are actively seeking new members, particularly from Year 8 and Year 9. If you are interested in joining this impactful team and contributing to your school community's mental health and wellbeing, reach out to your Tutor or the School Counsellor, Lisa Smith.

Here’s what some of our Pupil Mental Health Ambassadors had to say:

Rose Stoddart (10Ford) said, "I wanted to become a Pupil Mental Health Ambassador because I wanted to help improve the impact we had on the school by doing more things like assemblies and updating the notice boards around the school with our photos so people know who we are and know that they have people to talk to if they need help with something."

Kristian Cutress (10Dunphy) said, "I think our best achievement so far is that we have made pupils aware that the Pupil Mental Health Ambassadors are here for ALL pupils."

Natasha Allen (11Westwood) said, "To me, our greatest achievement is the Google Classroom, everyone has so many good ideas. I am hoping that by being a Pupil Mental Health Ambassador, we can help everyone know where support is and that people will associate good things with mental health, not just the bad.”

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For more help and advice, please visit our dedicated website page: Health and Wellbeing