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Ms Westwood's Art Exhibition in London

10/04/2024 Top News

Risedale School's Head of Art exhibits at prestigious London gallery.

Jaime Westwood, Head of Art at Risedale School, is currently showcasing her work in a group exhibition titled "Somewhere, Beyond the Tide, the Wind Whispers" at the Alveston Fine Arts Gallery in Notting Hill, London.

The exhibition, which runs from 14th March to 15th April 2024, features works from a talented group of female artists, including our very own Ms Westwood.

Ms Westwood gained recognition for her collection of 100 ceramic bonbon dishes featured on Grayson's Art Club in 2023 and is excited to be part of this group show. The photo, taken during her visit to the gallery over the Easter holidays, captures her enthusiasm amidst the displayed artworks.

Ms Westwood said, “Making artwork, and particularly ceramic pottery, brings me so much personal joy but I never create work with the expectation of it being exhibited or appreciated by others. To have been asked to participate in this showcase of work by female artists was such an honour. I am so pleased with how it has been received by the staff, visitors and fellow artists at Alveston and now the exhibition is up, I can start making new art, hooray!”

Everyone at Risedale School is so proud of Ms Westwood's artistic achievements. Her participation in such a prestigious London exhibition serves as an inspiration to all our pupils, demonstrating the boundless possibilities that lie within the realm of art.