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'LIFE' Course 2023

19/07/2023 Top News

'LIFE' is a 5-day course, for young people aged 13 to 17 run by North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service. The scheme provides an intense work experience within a tightly structured and team-focused environment giving young people the chance to work with real firefighters, following a set programme of activities. The course is specifically designed to put young people in challenging situations just like real Firefighters have to deal with every day. The course aims to build confidence and self-esteem, improve communication and teamwork skills and encourage the pupils to make positive choices and take responsibility for their actions.

Congratulations to Kiera Clark (8Sandell), Daniel Sharp (8Knight/Dickson) and Kyle Stretch (8Pugh) who all passed the course!

Mrs Wright - KS3 Pupil Support Manager