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La Chandeleur

02/02/2024 Top News

Year 9s celebrate "La Chandeleur" in true French style with a crêpe-making extravaganza!

Friday 2nd February marked the French cultural tradition of "La Chandeleur" and some of our Year 9 pupils celebrated the event by making crêpes!

"La Chandeleur" equates to our Candlemass. It marks 40 days since Christmas and the beginning of spring and, according to Christian beliefs, is when baby Jesus was presented to the temple and God by his parents.

French families celebrate "La Chandeleur" by making pancakes, the shape and colour representing the sun at the end of a harsh winter. A French superstition is that if farmers don't eat crêpes at "La Chandeleur", they'll always have a bad harvest. And it's also considered good luck in France if you toss your crêpe with your right hand while holding a coin in your left! 

Year 9s have been recently learning about French traditions and celebrations, and to mark "La Chandeleur" at Risedale, Group 9FR1 made their own crêpes with Mr Miller and Mrs Louison and then filled them with a range of sweet and savoury fillings. Yum Yum...or as they say in France, "Miam Miam, c'est délicieux!"