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Jayden to study Animal Care at Askham Bryan College

20/06/2023 Top News

PHOTO: Jayden with Risedale Teaching Assistant, Tracy Brown, at the Year 11 Leavers’ Assembly where he was presented with his ASDAN course certificate.

Year 11 pupil Jayden Jane has successfully completed an ASDAN Animal Care course. Having devoted the past two years towards this qualification, Jayden has been accepted to attend Askham Bryan College next year to continue his studies in Animal Care.

Jayden has created a stunning portfolio that has served as an outstanding component of his college application. He has displayed exceptional research skills and his proficiency in IT has proven to be invaluable.

According to Jayden,

"I have found that I excel in the research aspect and in creating presentations with Google Slides. I am confident in presenting to my friends and teachers, which I believe will greatly benefit me in the future."

Aside from his comprehensive portfolio, Jayden has also raised awareness about the importance of animal care within the Risedale school community. He actively raised funds for the RSPCA and educated his classmates about the significance of the Purple Poppy, which is a symbol of remembrance for animals that served during wartime. These efforts have all contributed towards the successful completion of Jayden’s ASDAN certificate.

Jayden has received personal support from Teaching Assistant, Tracy Brown, throughout his secondary school years. Tracy reflected,

"Jayden's dedication and interest in animal welfare have been exceptional. I am incredibly proud of him and everything he has achieved at Risedale School. I am excited to hear about his future endeavours and the adventures that await him at college."

Risedale Careers Leader, Helen Porritt, commented,

"Jayden's hard work and dedication over the past two years in producing an impressive portfolio, with the guidance of Tracy, is nothing short of amazing. I wish him the best of luck as he begins his studies at Askham Bryan College this September. I have no doubt that he is destined to become an RSPCA Officer."

On Twitter, the awarding body ASDAN commented,

“A big congratulations, Jayden! Fantastic to hear about your achievements in raising awareness and funds for the RSPCA. Thank you for sharing 👏🌟”

On Facebook, Jayden's Mum Karol commented,

"We as Jayden’s parents are extremely proud of him and all of his achievements. We have to say a huge thank you to Tracy Brown as without her JJ would not be where he is today. We would also like to thank the staff that have supported JJ throughout his time at Risedale, you are all a credit to the school! Jayden is very excited to start his new adventure at Askham Bryan College and we are excited for what his future holds for him. Thank you again."