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Invisible Man Theatre Company

22/09/2023 Top News

On Friday 22nd September, Year 7 pupils at Risedale School were treated to a captivating performance of "Wherever Home Is...?" by the theatre and media arts company, 'An Invisible Man'. The production was commissioned by North Yorkshire Council and made possible through funding from The Garrison ASSIST Project. Its purpose was to explore how changes impact the lives of children.

The story revolved around two children whose parents served in the UK Armed Forces. Through the performance and accompanying workshop, the play delved into the ways in which changes affect people of all ages. It also emphasised the importance of resilience and adaptability in the face of life's challenges.

The play was divided into two acts, with a workshop session in between. During this workshop, students had the opportunity to ask the actors questions before experiencing Act 2.

Mrs Cox, Head of the Creative Faculty, expressed her gratitude to 'An Invisible Man' for delivering such a poignant and thought-provoking performance to the pupils of Risedale. She noted that their feedback had been overwhelmingly positive, with many pupils relating to the themes and messages discussed in the play and workshop sessions.

Pupil Feedback:

Lewis Roth: “I thought the play and acting was amazing and it was really fun.”

Frankie Dempster: “I really enjoyed the play and the things we asked to think about were really interesting and the acting was brilliant.”