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He Knows She Knows Foundation


On Monday 4th July, we welcomed Stephen and Sharna from the He Knows She Knows Foundation to perform in front of all of the pupils at Risedale School.

Their Mission:

Our Mission is to help every child and young adult in the UK get the tools to getting and keeping your Mental Health onside, to understand their body image, and truly realise the impacts of discrimination. We personally, have lost too many friends to suicide and truly believe getting your Mental Health onside before you have an issue is the best way to prevent a problem in the future.

We work alongside various schools in our attempts to raise awareness to help the young people, understand how to help themselves. We believe education and early intervention are the best way to help these young people, as they are about to begin navigating this difficult thing we call life.

We are here to make sure as many young people as possible learn to make those all important first steps, those steps can turn in to good habits and before they know it those habits become lifestyles that in the end may go a long way to saving their life. 

Their Story:

The He Knows She Knows foundation was established in Memory of Bluey Hall, George Stephen Elms and Sheina Delores Elms, all souls that sadly passed long before their time. It was with great assistance from these people that we find ourselves in the position to create a foundation to try to help the public to have the same opportunities we were afforded.

The Foundation was founded by Stephen Lewis Elms and Sharna Bowman in 2020 during the Corona Virus Crisis, as one of the hardest hit sectors during the crisis He Knows She Knows saw it as the perfect time to create the foundation to help young people who have lost so much due to the pandemic. With the help of funders and local councils, we aim to really make a difference in some of the hardest hit areas.


The pupils were blown away by their performance - a huge thank you to Stephen and Sharna for visiting our school and spreading their message!


To learn more about the He Knows She Knows Foundation, click here.