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Harry Steps Up to Keep School Library Running Smoothly

09/02/2024 Top News

Library Hero: Pupil steps up to keep the shelves stocked and teachers in check!

While School Librarian Miss Sellers was away, the Library remained in capable hands thanks to the dedication of Year 8 Pupil Librarian, Harry Iddon. Harry ensured the library continued to operate seamlessly, earning him a well-deserved reward and praise from staff and pupils alike.

To express their gratitude, Harry received a set of new books by his favourite author. His commitment even extended beyond his official duties, as Ms Dunphy, Head of Social Studies, remarked, "Harry worked tirelessly to keep the library running - and to keep the teachers in check! We couldn't have done it without you!"

Mrs Davies, SEND Specialist Teacher, echoed the sentiment, "Harry was an absolute star! He stepped into Miss Sellers' shoes and kept everything in perfect order. I relied on him to return books, organise shelves, and troubleshoot any issues. Thank you Harry for keeping us right.”

Miss Sellers was overwhelmed with pride and appreciation. Upon her return, she found the Library immaculate and efficient. Staff and pupils showered Harry with praise for his exceptional work, which he continues to perform with quiet confidence.

"Harry did a better job than I do! Thank you, Harry," Miss Sellers exclaimed, summarising the collective gratitude.