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Forbidden Corner Enrichment Trip

30/06/2023 Top News

Pupils enjoy a fantastic day exploring Leyburn and the Forbidden Corner.

On Friday 30th June a small group of enthusiastic pupils from Years 7-10 enjoyed a fantastic enrichment trip to the market town of Leyburn and the Forbidden Corner. Despite the rather grey day, we were fortunate to avoid any rain throughout the entire outing.

The group spent an hour in Leyburn completing an entertaining quiz at Leyburn Railway Station to gather information about the train times and services available to explore the beautiful Yorkshire Dales.

Our next destination was the stunning Forbidden Corner. This extraordinary place is filled with countless peculiar and captivating attractions that encouraged the group to interact and explore. Quite a few of us got soaked from the sneaky water jets but it was great fun! It was an exceptional opportunity to put our critical thinking abilities to the test while having an incredible time.

All the pupils conducted themselves in an exemplary manner and were fantastic ambassadors for the school. We would like to extend special recognition to two Y10 pupils, Manar Barazan and Leona Sahai, who went above and beyond in taking care of their fellow classmates and wholeheartedly embraced the spirit of fun.

Mrs Deighton and Mrs Carlisle - HLTAs