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Fashion & Textiles Taster Session

05/03/2024 Top News

Year 9 pupils explore the exciting world of fashion and textiles.

Our Year 9 pupils recently got a taste of the exciting world of fashion and textiles during a special taster session led by Teacher of Technology, Mrs Vizor. To kick off the session, the group delved into the world of design inspiration, examining successful designs in everything from cutting-edge technology to popular products like Stanley cups and makeup. This exploration provided a broad understanding of what makes a design successful, setting the stage for the creative tasks to come.

The session then took pupils on a journey through the fascinating world of artistic movements. They explored the distinctive styles of Art Deco, Bauhaus, and Memphis, gaining an appreciation for their unique aesthetics. Armed with this knowledge, the pupils were challenged to design their own outfits inspired by these movements.

The session culminated in a hands-on practical activity where pupils brought their design concepts to life. Using a combination of fabric paint, batik techniques, and fabric manipulation, they creatively adhered their designs onto a mannequin template or 'fashion croquis'. The results were a showcase of individual creativity and a testament to the pupils' newfound design skills.

"The classroom was buzzing with activity during the session," remarked Mrs Vizor. "It was wonderful to see their imaginations flourish as they explored different design elements and translated them into their own unique creations. I was so pleased at how engaged the pupils were with the activities. Well done Year 9!” 

The successful taster session has undoubtedly sparked a passion for fashion and design in many Year 9 pupils. Whether they choose to pursue it further in Year 10 or simply carry this newfound appreciation with them, the experience has undoubtedly enriched their knowledge and ignited their creative spirit.

Year 9 Fashion & Textiles Taster Session