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Ethan wins creative military competition

Congratulations Ethan!

07/07/2023 Top News

Ethan Tress, a pupil at Risedale School in Year 7, has won the 2023 Month of the Military Child Creative Competition. This competition was organised in partnership with Never Such Innocence and the Ministry of Defence as part of their Voices of Armed Forces Children Programme.

The competition was open to all triservice and civilian children between the ages of 6 and 18 in the UK and overseas posts. Participants were asked to submit a poem or a piece of artwork, and in total 15 works were selected as winners. The theme of the competition was "Friends Near and Far," and Ethan's poem was selected as one of the winning entries.

Ethan and his parents were invited to London on Tuesday 20th June to recite his winning poem to a distinguished group of guests at the Main Building of the Ministry of Defence. After the presentation, a reception was held where Ethan and his family had the opportunity to meet with the guests and receive congratulations for his excellent work.

Ethan and the other winners were presented with a special goodie bag and a personalized certificate of participation. Ethan also received a Headteacher’s Award from Mr Scott before the event.

When asked about the experience Ethan said,

“I was very excited when I was told I was going to London. My dad works as a chef in the Armed forces, so I knew he would be proud of my poem. I know how hard life can be for a military child so I just wrote about what I have experienced over the years. Moving every few years and missing friends and family can be really tough but it does get easier.”

“I really enjoyed the trip, I have never been on a train before so it was fun. London was so busy with so many people in one place. It was nice meeting children who have written about how they feel, some were really good and I could relate to them all.”

Ethan’s proud Mum Claire said,

“I want to thank Risedale School for entering Ethan's Poem into the competition. As a military child’s Mum, I know how hard it is for them. Hearing the other children’s poems and seeing their artwork brought tears to my eyes.”

Risedale English Teacher, Miss Douglas, congratulated Ethan by saying,

“I am incredibly proud of Ethan. His poem was very moving and this is a well-deserved award for his hard work. Well Done, Ethan!”

Military Children

We are made strong,
We don’t know where we belong,
But we know how to travel long,

As we move from place to place,
Sometimes it’s like a race,
We have to take it in our pace,

We know how to make friends,
But we never know when it will end,
Sometimes we just blend.

By Ethan Tress

Thank you to the official event photographer from Never Such Innocence for the photos.