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Enrichment Trips 2023

20/07/2023 Top News

At Risedale, our pupils are not confined to the walls of the classroom when it comes to their education. We are proud to offer an Enrichment Curriculum that allows our pupils to expand their learning through various experiences outside of school. Last year, we introduced this programme with a Year 10 trip to Whitby, and we have since expanded it into a progressive model for pupils in Years 7-10. These trips are designed around our 5 curriculum pillars, providing each pupil with unique and thrilling learning opportunities that go beyond the traditional classroom setting. With every trip, our pupils embark on a new and exciting adventure on their educational journey at Risedale.

Year 7 - Richmond Castle

English Teacher, Miss Douglas, commented, "Year 7 had a fantastic day at Richmond Castle on Monday 17th July 2023. They demonstrated great resilience, enthusiasm, and energy throughout the day, and should be very proud of the way they represented the school."

Pupil Feedback

  • Theo-Tyler Fort, "It was fun and we got to go to the top of the tower, the views were really nice."
  • Keira-Leigh Green, "I really liked that we had free time to enjoy the heritage trail."
  • Honour Bretherick, "The garden was really pretty."


Year 8 - National Railway Museum

On Thursday 20th July 2023 Year 8 enjoyed an exciting enrichment trip to York. The morning began with a walk along the historic Roman walls, built in 71AD, with far-reaching views across to York Minster, the second largest Gothic cathedral in Northern Europe. The walk to the National Railway Museum took us past the remains of St Mary's Abbey built in 1055, along the banks of the River Ouse, the 6th longest river in the United Kingdom and past York Railway Station which was once the largest railway station in the world. We spent the afternoon in the National Railway Museum where pupils completed a quiz about the locomotives and examples of engineering brilliance on offer.

Thank you for representing the school so well Year 8, you did us proud!

Mr Sherwood - Senior Teacher


Year 9 - Yorkshire Wildlife Park

This year's enrichment trip for Year 9 was an opportunity to visit Yorkshire Wildlife Park. Lions and tigers were on the prowl, lemurs were swinging from the tree tops and wallabies were jumping right in front of the pupils. It was an amazing opportunity to see some exotic wildlife up close. There was even a dinosaur section, with 'real' moving dinosaurs. There were plenty of photographs taken and screams of delight when the pupils spotted their favourite animal. The day ended for many pupils with the purchase of cuddly animals to take home and a sleep on the coach during the return journey. Everybody had an interesting day and plenty of exercise walking around the park.

Thank you to our brilliant staff and to all the Year 9 pupils for a thoroughly enjoyable day!

Mr Carter - Head of Faculty


Year 10 - Whitby

Year 10 had a brilliant day at Whitby on Wednesday 19th July. Their first task was to spend the morning navigating their own way around town, using a map to find and explore Whitby’s landmarks and attractions. The final stop being to locate the Whalebones RV point by the specified time for lunch. They all managed to arrive on time, full of stories, and fish and chips. Then we all enjoyed an hour of beach games and paddling together.

I am so proud of the conduct and enthusiasm shown by all of our pupils throughout the day – and thankfully, even the weather behaved impeccably!

Ms Westwood - Head of Art