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Cheerleaders Qualify for World Championships

27/10/2023 Sports News

Members of Lazer Cheer Academy qualify for 2024 World Championships!

Lazer Cheer Academy members have qualified for the 2024 ICU World Championships. Lacey Hanson (10Dunphy), Sienna-Jade Hanson (8Lawson) and Eva Langdale (9Vizor) from Risedale School will represent their country in the competition. Miss Brierley (Head of PE) expressed her excitement upon hearing this amazing news, and it would be an understatement to say how proud and impressed she is with the girls' achievements.

Lazer Cheer announced on Facebook that seven athletes from their academy in Colburn will be competing in the World Championships 2024 as part of England's National Team. They added,

“Having our very own homegrown athletes represent their country in the sport that they live and breathe is such an achievement and we can not wait to support them on their journey.”

Kat Hanson, Lacey and Sienna-Jade's Mum expressed her pride in her daughter's accomplishment by saying,

“So proud of my girls. Thank you for sharing their amazing achievement xx”

Everyone at Risedale School congratulates the Lazer Cheer squad and wishes them the best of luck in the World Championships next year.