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Caribbean Cooking Club

01/02/2024 Top News

Taste of the Caribbean Comes to Risedale School Lunchtimes!

Calling all Year 9 foodies! Are you ready to explore the vibrant flavours and exciting dishes of the Caribbean? Look no further than the brand new Caribbean Cooking Club, launched this term at Risedale School!

Led by the enthusiastic Mrs Louison, the club takes place every Thursday lunchtime in the Food Technology Room, offering a unique opportunity for Year 9 pupils to delve into the culinary delights of the region. With limited spaces available, signing up is essential to secure your spot on this delicious journey.

"I'm passionate about Caribbean cuisine and I thought that pupils would really enjoy the experience,” explains Mrs Louison. "It's a chance to experience something different, something new, and it reflects the wonderful diversity of our school community. Seeing pupils from different cultures coming together each week has been my ultimate goal and I’m so happy that they’re enjoying the experience."

For pupil Kerby Fevriere, the club is a taste of home. "Being part of the Caribbean Cookery Club is amazing,"  he says. "The flavours and dishes remind me of being at home, and it's just so much fun learning how to make them myself!"

So, if you're looking to expand your culinary horizons, experience the cultural richness of the Caribbean, and have fun doing it, then the Caribbean Cooking Club is the perfect lunchtime destination for you! Sign up today and get ready to tantalise your taste buds!

Photos from Caribbean Cookery Club