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Bunny Olympics

31/03/2023 Top News

As the end of term approached, it was time to acknowledge the hard work and dedication that our pupils had put into their lives at Risedale School.

Thirty pupils from each year group were invited to a “Bunny Olympics” on the last day of term, Friday afternoon. They arrived to find they first had to work out their Bunny name and then design themselves a spring bonnet.  

Suddenly Mrs Matthewman arrived to announce that Mr Scott had been found in his office… murdered! As shock (well cheering actually, sorry Mr Scott) rippled around the room, Bunny Olympics was quickly turned into a “Murder Mystery”! Files were distributed to pupils containing a list of suspects collected by PC Puzzled and PC Muddled, two very confused police officers. Unfortunately due to the PCs' confusion, the pupils first had to decipher their bewildering description of which members of staff they had interviewed.    

Once they had deciphered who the suspects were they had to read through the witness statements and determine who had committed the crime! Using the evidence of fibres found at the scene, a note with a fingerprint on and comparing the pens that had been used alongside the corroborating statements they resolved who the murderer must be. The groups pointed the finger of suspicion at Risedale Librarian Miss Sellers for having hit Mr Scott over the head with a book! Miss Sellers woefully admitted her guilt and was taken away for further questioning. 

This was not the end though! Very luckily Mr Scott was checked before being taken away to the morgue and it turned out PC Puzzled and PC Muddled had forgotten to check that Mr Scott was dead and he was only unconscious. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief that Mr Scott was still with us and able to return to us fit and well for the Summer term.

Well done to all the pupils who took part - it was a fantastic afternoon!

Detective Wiggles de Basket (Ms Blatch)