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Big Enterprise Day

05/03/2023 Top News

Year 10 pupils have a fantastic day learning skills for life in preparation for Further Education and the world of work.

On Monday 6th March, Year 10 pupils from Risedale School in Catterick Garrison participated in a ‘Big Enterprise Day’. The event was provided by ‘As Creatives’, an organisation specialising in delivering learning workshops to schools across the UK.

The Big Enterprise Day consisted of a series of four activities with two main themes. Firstly, promoting skills for learning and skills for life, not just for business. And secondly, guiding pupils through the “5Rs Raft” of enterprise skills; relationships, resourcefulness, risk-taking (decisions), resilience and reflection - all soft skills employers seek when recruiting.

Pupils organised themselves into teams of three and completed four different workshops and challenges:

  1. ‘Enterprise and Me’ focussed on identifying key British figures and their impact on the world (John Logie Baird, Alexander Graham Bell, Helen Sharman and Charles Darwin).
  2. ‘The Trading Game’ teams took on the roles of individual countries, trading stocks and shares with the ‘World Bank’.
  3. ‘The Bunker’ focussed on teams trying out their connection-making skills in a code-breaking challenge.
  4. ‘The Priorities Game’ focussed on how priorities can change depending on perspective. Teams were given a virtual budget to outfit a community centre and they had to prioritise how they would spend their money to refurbish the space.

Harry Tester (10 Brierley) said:

“The event was fun to take part in. It helped me to understand more about enterprise and how efficient teamwork is important to businesses.”

Blake Atkinson (10 Higham) said:

“I enjoyed trying to solve the problems which we were presented with and I think it was a fun enjoyable way of teaching us about stocks, sales marketing and managing resource usage.”

Robin Mcilveen (10 Higham) said:

“I really liked the way everyone in my group contributed to our activities, we worked so well together and we had a good strategy to get things done.”

Nevaeh Bascombe-Nkoma (10 Higham) said:

“It was a really fun day and I enjoyed doing all the activities.”

This event is one of several opportunities that Year 10 pupils will have to help inform their choices about pathways from Year 11 to Post-16 and onto the world of Further Education and work.

Risedale School’s Careers Leader, Mrs Porritt, said:

“I’m really pleased that our pupils achieved so much today and am really glad that they enjoyed the experience.”

On Facebook As Creatives said:

"We had a brilliant day working with your pupils Risedale School - thank you so much for the warm welcome!"

You can find out more about As Creatives here: