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Army Team-Building Challenge

19/02/2024 Top News

Year 11 pupils at Risedale take part in elite skills team-building training with the Army.

On Monday 19th February, Year 11 pupils from Risedale School, embarked on an exceptional day of Army-led team-building exercises and an adrenaline-pumping assault course challenge. This adventure served as the culmination of their previous Army Work Experience at Otterburn Training Camp which took place last July.

The action-packed day began with an insightful careers briefing about the Army Foundation College in Harrogate, followed by hands-on STEM activities like building catapults. But the real test was yet to come: challenging team-building tasks tested their communication, leadership, and problem-solving skills as they navigated a simulated warzone using obstacles. And their final mission was to conquer the gruelling assault course. 

Led by experienced soldiers from the Marne Barracks Outreach Team, the Risedale pupils pushed their limits, demonstrating impressive teamwork and perseverance. The Outreach Team commended them for their exceptional conduct throughout the day. 

For some pupils, this wasn't just an exciting experience; it solidified their career aspirations. Witnessing the Army firsthand and having their skills tested fueled their ambition. Among them was Logan Fegan, who has now successfully passed the Army selection process, turning his dream into reality. He will begin his training at the Harrogate Army Foundation College in September 2024.

"I found the Army work experience last year to be really helpful and enjoyable. It helped me to decide what I want to do in the future," Logan shared. "I particularly enjoyed the elite training session; it was a fantastic experience."

Rochanne Hardstaff, Risedale's SEND Administrator, who accompanied the pupils, expressed immense pride in their performance throughout their engagement with the Outreach Team. She hopes Risedale will continue to cultivate this valuable partnership, offering future pupils similar transformative opportunities. 

A special thank you goes to the dedicated Army Outreach Team at Marne Barracks: SSGT Hardstaff, CPL Monaghan, CPL Smith, LCPL Johnson, LCPL Chase, LCPL Clark-Cordy, RFN Duggan, and PTE Robinson. They played a crucial role in empowering these Risedale pupils to discover their potential and chase their dreams.