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‘A Spot on the Wall’ for Budding Artists

08/12/2023 Top News

Two bright young stars of Risedale School, Year 9 pupils Oliver Lavery and Charlotte Swift, have been given ‘A Spot on the Wall’ at Richmond’s biggest open art exhibition.

Every year The Station Gallery gathers together work from a fantastic range of talented artists, photographers and craftspeople for their annual exhibition ‘A Spot on the Wall’. Whether the artist is a first-time exhibitor, or they have been exhibiting for years, their work sits side by side on the walls of the beautiful old railway building in Richmond. 

This year Risedale pupils Oliver and Charlotte were chosen to have their work exhibited as part of the exhibition and while their work is not available for purchase, it is being displayed alongside pieces from a diverse range of established and emerging artists, creating a vibrant and engaging showcase of artistic creativity.

Oliver's pencil-on-paper drawing, "The Life of Koi," was inspired by the first time he saw a blue Japanese koi fish. Oliver is particularly interested in nature and was inspired to draw the koi carp because of their beautiful colours and the way that light reflects on their bodies. He commented,

"I think that whenever I hear someone say that something in nature is rare or complex, I often take interest in it. The blue koi is a rare and beautiful species, and I thought it would be fitting to use Japanese wave patterns around them, capturing their fluid movements in my drawing."

He added,

"Art means so much to me, so much so that I've decided to opt for it at GCSE. I feel that my art skills have developed over time, and I really enjoy researching other artists online and watching videos about how they use materials to create lines, forms, textures, and effects."

Charlotte’s artwork is called “Immortality” and it was inspired by a poem about quantum entanglement that she had written for a close friend. Charlotte said,

“Having my artwork displayed in Richmond Station has been such an exciting and slightly daunting experience. Being able to have a chance at gaining recognition in my local area is going to help me massively in the future (fingers crossed), and I am very grateful to the people who have given me this opportunity.”

Head of Art at Risedale, Ms Westwood said,

"Both Oliver and Charlotte are incredibly talented artists, and I am thrilled that their work will be showcased at this prestigious exhibition. Their dedication and passion for art are truly inspiring."

The exhibition, running from 8th December 2023 to 16 January 2024, provides a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the vibrant artistic landscape of North Yorkshire. From the evocative works of experienced artists to the fresh perspectives of budding talents like Oliver and Charlotte, 'A Spot on the Wall' promises to captivate art enthusiasts of all ages.

Congratulations to Oliver and Charlotte!