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Exam Information

Exam Information (4)

GCSE Results Day Summer 2021 – Thursday 12th August

Examination results will be issued to pupils in person from 9 am on Thursday 12th August in the main hall of the school. 

(Any change to this will be communicated by email/text/social media.)

Mr Yates, other senior staff and Mrs Tonkin will be available in person, by email or by telephone on results day and afterwards to help with any questions about your results or next steps.

If you are unable to collect your results in person, someone else may collect them on your behalf, however, they will need to bring a signed note from you giving permission and naming them and they will need to show some ID. Alternatively, you may email Mrs Tonkin with the information from your school email address.

If no one can collect your results, they will be posted out by first class post that afternoon. We are also willing to email results to you on the day if you cannot come in, however, please email Mrs Tonkin on to request this.

Please let Mrs Tonkin know if you are moving before 12th August, so that we can ensure that any uncollected results are posted to the correct address. Similarly, if you will be moving before certificates will be issued in November, please make sure you let us know your new address.

GCSE Qualifications Summer 2021 – Appeals

If you are unhappy with your grade, we ask that you get in touch with Mr Yates or Mrs Tonkin promptly and explain your concerns. 

There is a two-stage formal process this year for appeals relating to results.

The first stage is to ask us to check whether an administrative or procedural error has been made. Where, after investigation, we do not believe an error has been made, you may ask us to submit an appeal to the exam board on your behalf. You will need to complete a form requesting this and detailing the reason for the appeal (appeals can only be made on certain grounds). We will submit the appeal to the awarding body and provide the evidence on which the judgement was made. Following an appeal, your grade could go up, down or stay the same.

Full details of how the review and appeals process will work at Risedale this year is provided in:

Further information and guidance about appeals for students have been provided by JCQ:

GCSE Qualifications Summer 2021 – Autumn Series

Any pupil who is not happy with a grade they have received and would like to sit an examination in that subject to try and achieve a better result may enter for examinations in November 2021. Pupils will not be charged for these entries. Please let us know in good time if you are interested in this option so that we can offer advice and support. The final deadline for submitting entries to the awarding bodies is Monday 4th October, so you must be in touch with us by Monday 27th September at the latest. The examination timetable can be found here.

GCSE Qualifications Summer 2021 – Teacher Assessed Grades (TAGs) – Background

Following the decision to cancel GCSE examinations for this summer, a system of Teacher Assessed Grades (TAGs) has been implemented to award grades for GCSEs and vocational qualifications. Quality assurance has been carried out both within the school and by the awarding bodies to ensure these grades have been awarded fairly and consistently.

Teachers have made a holistic judgement of each pupil's performance using a range of evidence relating to the subject content that has been delivered by the teacher (either in the classroom or via remote learning). Details of the evidence used have been shared with pupils and opportunities provided to raise questions or mitigating circumstances.

Our approach to grading and quality assurance is detailed in our Centre Policy

A reminder of the key elements of our approach, which was sent to all pupils and parents/carers can be found in the Candidate Checklist and a summary of the reminders issued when evidence was shared with pupils is in the Candidate Confirmation which was issued for each subject.

Further guidance can be found as follows:

Infographic_-_how_GCSEs__AS_and_A_levels_will_be_awarded_in_summer_2021-page-001 (2)

If you have any questions, please email our Deputy Headteacher Mr Yates: or our Exams Officer Mrs Tonkin: