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GCSE Examinations Summer 2022:

The GCSE examinations for summer 2022 will take place between Monday 16th May and Wednesday 29th June.

The general timetable is available by following this LINK: GCSE Examinations Timetable Summer 2022 (V3)

Please note that some practical and vocational examinations also take place at other times of the year.

  • Food Preparation and Nutrition: Monday 28th February - Friday 4th March
  • GCSE PE Moderation Visit: Wednesday 4th May
  • Drama Practicals: Wednesday 11th May and Thursday 12th May
  • English Language Speaking and Listening Endorsement Assessments: Tuesday 26th April - Friday 29th April
  • French/German Speaking Examinations: Monday 9th May - Friday 13th May

Contingency Day:

Wednesday 29th June is designated as the official Contingency Day by the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ), in the event that an essential change has to be made to the examination timetable which cannot be accommodated earlier. However, a postponed examination could be arranged for any day in the exam period. 

All candidates therefore, regardless of when their last timetabled examination takes place, must be available for examinations on any day up to and including Wednesday 29th June.

(Should students choose not to be available for the rescheduled examination(s) for reasons other than those traditionally covered by special consideration, they will not be eligible for enhanced grading arrangements (i.e. they will get no marks for that paper).)

Results Day:

The GCSE results day for Summer 2022 will be on Thursday 25th August.


GCSE Examinations Summer 2022 - Adaptations:

As a result of time lost due to the pandemic, a number of adaptations have been agreed for GCSE and vocational qualifications being taken in 2022.

These vary according to the subject and consist principally of:

a) Optionality

  • Art - result based on portfolio, no awarding body set task
  • English Literature - candidates study either the poetry anthology or a 20th-century novel
  • French/German - additional choices provided in the writing paper
  • Geography - no questions will be asked on candidates’ specific experience of fieldwork; optionality - TBC
  • History - candidates study 3 out of 4 units

b) Supplementary information

  • Mathematics - all formulae provided
  • Science - all formulae provided

c) Advance information

  • Advance information will be provided by 7th February for all other subjects than those listed in (a) which will enable teaching staff to help focus revision activities.
  • Further information is provided on the awarding body websites, as follows:

GCSE Examination Certificates Summer 2021:

Certificates for Summer 2021 GCSE and Vocational qualifications are now available. Former pupils were sent a letter notifying them of this.

If you have not yet collected your certificates and wish to, please contact Mrs Tonkin at Risedale to arrange an appointment for this. Art work may be collected at the same time. For DT work please contact Mr Kirkbride.

We are unable to give your certificates to anyone else without your written permission.  If you have a sibling at the school, they may collect the certificates on your behalf providing that they bring with them the signed “Permission to Collect Certificates” slip on the reverse of the letter.  If you would like someone else to collect the certificates on your behalf, they must also have the signed form with them (or an equivalent signed statement) and some form of identification.  

We hope you will make every effort to collect your certificates as they provide important confirmation of your achievements; colleges and employers are increasingly requesting to see this evidence before offering you a place or job.  Please also bear in mind that the school is under no obligation to keep your certificates for more than a year after issue.