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Exam Information

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GCSE Examinations 2023-2024

The official timetable for written examinations for GCSEs and vocational courses in summer 2024 can be viewed here.

The examination period for written examinations runs from Thursday 9th May until Wednesday 26th June.

The dates for written examinations are agreed nationally and cannot be changed by the school - pupils must attend at the correct date and time.

Non-examination Assessments 2023-2024

For some subjects, non-examination assessments must also be completed. Some of these are carried out purely within lesson time, some are timetabled separately.

Where relevant pupils will be given their exact time slots nearer the date of the examinations. Pupils must attend their allocated slots for these.

Art Practical 1 Tue 28 Nov - Fri 1 Dec 2023
Drama NEA 1 (Devising) Tue 28 Nov - Wed 29 Nov 2023
PPEs session 1 Mon 4 Dec - Fri 15 Dec 2023
English Language Speaking Endorsement Mon 29 Jan - Fri 2 Feb 2024
Food Preparation Practicals Mon 5 Feb - Fri 9 Feb 2024
Drama NEA 2 (Externally examined) (1 day for rehearsals, slots on day 2 for examination) Wed 6 Mar - Thu 7 Mar 2024
PPEs session 2 11 Mar - 22 Mar 2024
Geography Field Trip (compulsory) Fri 15 Mar 2024
Art Practical 2 Tue 16 Apr - Fri 19 Apr 2024
Physical Education (GCSE PE) Moderation Visit Tue 23 Apr
French/German Speaking Practical (approx 20 mins per pupil) Mon 29 Apr - Fri 3 May 2024


National Contingency Days:

  • Thursday 6th June - PM
  • Thursday 13th June - PM
  • Wednesday 26th June - All Day

The awarding bodies have designated these dates as  'national contingency’ sessions for changes to examinations in the event of any national or local disruption to examinations. Pupils must be available up to and including the final date in case of any rescheduling.

Examination Contingency and Resilience

This year, the DfE is requiring schools to have a set of assessments to act as contingency in the event of exams being cancelled. These must cover material pupils have been taught, all pupils should sit the same assessment at the same time where possible, they should be conducted under formal conditions (which includes the provision of access arrangements) and a copy of the assessments must be retained. Our December and March PPEs meet these requirements. This is another reason why we encourage pupils to take them seriously and why they should be present for all examinations.

JCQ, Ofqual and Awarding Body Information for Pupils and Parents

JCQ, Ofqual and the awarding bodies provide lots of useful information for pupils and parents about examinations, wellbeing and exam stress, results and post-results services.

Other resources for pupils regarding managing exam stress can be found on our dedicated Health & Wellbeing website page.

GCSE Results Day Summer 2024

GCSE Results Day will take place on Thursday 22 August 2024.

Examination Certificates

The school is holding examination certificates for last summer (2023) and a number of years prior to that and would like to pass them on where possible.

Former pupils are welcome to collect certificates by making an appointment with the Exams Officer (contact

If you need someone else to collect your certificates for you, we need your written permission and they will need to bring identification. Please see the full details in the following LETTER, which has an example permission slip.

JCQ regulations state that certificates should be kept for 12 months, after which, if they remain uncollected, they may be disposed of securely.

We hope you will make every effort to collect your certificates as they are important documents which provide confirmation of your achievements. Most educational institutions and employers will ask to see your original certificates before offering you a place or job.  If you lose or fail to collect your certificates you will need to obtain duplicates from the relevant Awarding Body. The Awarding Bodies no longer replace certificates unless you can prove they were destroyed by fire, theft or flood; they will only issue a Certified Statement of Results. This currently costs up to £57 per statement, depending on the Awarding Body.


Examination-specific policies can be found in the Policies area of the school website. 
These include our Internal Appeals Policy which clarifies the procedure in the event of the school not supporting a request by a pupil/parents for post-results services and also appeals after receiving the results of a review of marking for external qualifications.