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Remote Education

Our guide to supporting pupils to make progress

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Remote Learning

In rare circumstances, it may not be possible for the school to open. One good thing from Covid is that as a school we are now extremely well prepared for any eventuality. We are also extremely fortunate that every child has been issued a Chromebook, so your child's learning can continue in the unlikely event of the school closing.

What type of events MAY lead to partial or full school closure:

  1. Adverse weather conditions: In very rare circumstances, it may be dangerous to open the school. We have a number of staff who live far away and although they will endeavour to reach Risedale if this is not the case, Mr Scott will make a decision to fully or partially close the school. Parents will be notified accordingly.
  2. Strike Action: We will keep you fully informed of any information regarding staff taking industrial action. Our intention is to keep the school fully open and functioning. We would only take a decision to close partially or fully if there was any risk to a young person.
  3. National Lockdown: This is an incredibly unlikely event but as in previous times we would keep all stakeholders fully informed of actions taken and how you can best support us.

For more detailed information and guidance please see

Communication with teachers/school from home in the event of a remote learning event:

  • If your child needs help: If pupils find learning difficult or 'get stuck' we encourage them to do at home what we encourage at school; brain, book, buddy, boss. Find the answer for themselves by thinking, researching, asking a friend and only then contacting their teacher or asking a parent. Learning is all about finding solutions to problems and ‘getting stuck’ is part of the process. If your child does need to ask their teacher a question they can do so by sending a message via Google Classroom.
  • Parents/Carers: As a parent, if you think you need to speak with a teacher or member of staff about your child’s learning, please email teachers directly: Staff Directory
  • General Enquiries: For all other enquiries please ring the school directly on 01748 833501 or email

Guidance for keeping children safe online:

Google Classroom parent alerts:

Parents can receive email summaries showing their child’s progress in Google Classroom. To become a ‘Google Guardian’ simply complete this form 'Google Classroom Summary Alerts' and our IT team will set this up for you.