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Risedale receives Thrive Approach accreditation

05/09/2023 Top News

We are delighted to announce that Risedale School has achieved Thrive Approach accreditation. This means that we have an Accredited Thrive Practitioner and a member of our Senior Leadership Team trained in fostering a Thrive Approach throughout the school. Within the Risedale Family, we recognise the importance of a relational-based approach to supporting our young people and Thrive helps us on our path to continue to advocate for our young people and to train our staff on supporting the mental health and well-being of our pupils. We are in the early stages of our accreditation and we will be looking to further enhance the Thrive mindset in the coming academic year - including training more staff to become accredited practitioners.

The social and emotional development of our Risedale learners is vitally important to us. To help us support our pupils further, having an accredited practitioner has been invaluable in the identification and guidance of how we can further support those pupils who require an additional helping hand but also to provide our own staff with training on what they can do too! We have some exciting developments in this area and training coming up. We will be in touch again as things move forward.

Miss Burke - SENCo

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