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Risedale Pupils Put Their Best Feet Forward


On Friday 15th July, 352 pupils set out on a challenge that we haven’t been able to organise for three years.

There was a distinct atmosphere of excitement and togetherness as pupils and staff got themselves ready for a day of fresh air and fundraising. Mrs Hailwood and Mr Thomson were at the helm and as always revealed their complete commitment to the power of the great outdoors as well as their dedication and support of the young people in their care. 

Although there was an early shower, during the walk the rain stayed off and the Risedale Ramblers had a great day out. The day was an opportunity to walk with friends and think about others. Martin House Hospice (Registered Charity Number: 517919) provides family-led care free of charge for children and young people who are suffering from life-limiting illnesses. Every step that our young people took was about someone else - a truly inspiring thing. It perfectly echoed the assembly last Monday which was all about kindness - seeing and knowing a good thing for someone else.

The Risedale family at its best.

A huge thank you to all who took part. 

To learn more about the amazing work Martin House do, please visit their website at the link below: