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The Risedale School Governing Body

GOVERNORS: Please click here to access the Governors' Portal

If you would like to contact any of the Governors please do so via the Clerk to the Governing Body by email at

Complaints: We take all concerns seriously and know that there are occasions when an issue may need to be taken further and a formal complaint raised. In those cases, please follow our Complaints Policy and Procedure to commence this process accordingly.

Constitution of the Governing Body

The Governing Body comprises of:

  • Six Co-opted Governors: Elected by the Governing Body.
  • Two Parent Governors: Elected by the parents of pupil in the school and have parental responsibility for at least one pupil in the school at the time of election.
  • One Staff Governor: Elected by the teaching and support staff within the school.
  • One County Council Governor: Nominated by the Local Authority (North Yorkshire Council) as their representative.
  • The Headteacher: Governor by virtue of employment by the school.
  • The total number of governors is eleven: The Chair and Vice-chair of Governors are elected annually at the first Governing Body meeting within the Autumn term. Co-opted, parent and staff governors each serve a 4-year term, as does the County Council Governor, or until termination by the Local Authority.
  • Clerk to the Governors: The Clerk to the Governing Body provides advice to the Governing Body on governance, constitutional and procedural matters. The Clerk also provides effective administrative support to the Governing Body and its committees and ensures the Governing Body is properly constituted.

Current Members, Attendance and Business Interests

Name Photo Category of Governor Date of Appointment / Term of Office Appointed by Additional Responsibilities/ Committee Member Business and Pecuniary Interests Relatives with any staff member Attendance Sept 2023 - July 2024
Anderson, Charles (Lt. Col.) Anderson, Charles (Lt. Col.) Co-opted

Appointed: 12/12/2023

Term: 4 years

Expires: 11/12/2027

The Governing Body


No 100%
​Beveridge, Amy ​Beveridge, Amy Parent Governor

Appointed: 12/10/2020

Term: 4 years

Expires: 11/10/2024

Parent Election​ School Development Committee


No 0%
​Glahome, John ​Glahome, John Co-opted

Reappointed: 02/02/2021

Term: 4 years

Expires: 01/02/2025

​Chair of the Governing Body School Development Committee


No 100%
Hastings, Amanda Hastings, Amanda Parent Governor

Appointed: 30/01/2023

Term: 4 years

Expires: 29/01/2027

Parent Election


No 50%
Knight, Caroline Knight, Caroline Staff

Appointed: 30/09/2022

Term: 4 years

Expires: 29/09/2026

Staff Election


No 0%
Les, Carl Les, Carl ​Local Authority

Reappointed: 04/05/2021

Term: 4 years

Expires: 03/05/2025

​Local Authority School Development Committee

Leader of NYCC

Elected Member of Hambleton District Council

LEA Governor for Michael Syddall Primary School

No 50%
McCann, Terry​ McCann, Terry​ Co-opted

Reappointed: 05/02/2023

Term: 4 years

Expires: 04/02/2027

The Governing Body Vice Chair. School Development Committee


No 100%
Morley, Gary Morley, Gary Co-opted

Appointed: 03/10/2023

Term: 4 years

Expires: 02/10/2027

The Governing Body Supporting Vice Chair. Safeguarding


No 100%
Scott, Colin Scott, Colin Headteacher

Appointed: 31/03/2017

Default as Headteacher


No 100%
Vinsen, Lara Vinsen, Lara Co-opted

Reappointed: 16/10/2022

Term: 4 years

Expires: 15/10/2026

The Governing Body SEND

Assistant Headteacher, Wavell Junior School

No 100%