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Thank you for your interest in working for Risedale Sports & Community College.

We currently have no job vacancies available. Please check back again soon.

Living & working in Catterick, North Yorkshire - The locality

Risedale Sports & Community College is located within the pretty village of Hipswell at the heart of Catterick Garrison, close to the historic market town of Richmond. It is set within a beautiful part of North Yorkshire, close to both Swaledale and Wensleydale. Catterick is a thriving and advancing location offering a choice of affordable and desirable housing opportunities prompted by the planned expansion to the Garrison over the forthcoming years. The newly built Princes Gate Retail Park offers all major amenities including supermarkets, cafes, shops, cinema, a leisure centre and library. Risedale is just a 5 minute drive from the A1(M) providing easy access to Teesside, York and the Leeds conurbation. Major centres like Darlington are within easy reach for commuters, shoppers or leisure seekers, at around a 30-minute drive along the A1(M). For more information about living and teaching in North Yorkshire please visit

What can we offer you?

  • The challenge of meaningful work – the opportunity to work in a unique school with a diverse community of students, many who are from the military garrison, meeting their needs and nurturing aspiration;
  • Clear vision and strategic thinking leading to the setting and achieving of challenging goals. Working learning and achieving together;
  • CPD and career progression opportunities – a place to develop and share best practice so we can all succeed no matter where our future career paths may lead;
  • A supportive team – collaboration with partners from other schools, a place where friendships can be made and we all feel valued.

Why work at Risedale?

There's something special about working at Risedale Sports & Community College. Our staff and students strive to be the very best they can and work hard to support one another in their endeavours. There's a sense of pride that comes from working and studying at Risedale as we always try to make the most of ourselves as a school and as individuals.

Our staff genuinely care about our students and work hard to strengthen close relationships with our parents, whose support is invaluable. Risedale is an integral part of Catterick Garrison and beyond. We ensure that our links to other local stakeholders including schools, the military and civilian partners are always reinforced so that Risedale Sports and Community College truly is a central pillar of our community and innovator for the success for our students. We believe that in preparing our students for life it is essential that their time at Risedale is a rounded and mindful experience. Students and staff work directly within the community providing a positive service and force for good; working in partnership with the Garrison Primary Schools, the military, Harewood Medical Practice, Tesco, the Fire Service, Catterick Leisure Centre, care homes as well as many local and national charities.

The current situation

Risedale Sports & Community College is a smaller than the average sized secondary school and currently has 530 students aged 11-16 years. It enjoys an enviable and growing reputation in its local community. It is expected to expand to between 600 and 800 students over the next decade as the population of Catterick Garrison increases and becomes a ‘Super Garrison’. Links with the Armed Forces are strong. The college has one of the largest proportions of service children (over 40%) of any secondary school in the UK. This military connection is an essential part of the college’s distinctive character.

Risedale was inspected by Ofsted in November 2019 and the glowing report which followed saw the school being judged as 'Good' in all four areas of appraisal which includes; The Quality of Education; Behaviour and Attitudes; Personal Development; Leadership and Management. Click here to view our latest Ofsted Report. Justifiably proud of this accomplishment college staff are by no means complacent and know there is more work to be done and are enjoying the challenge. To view Risedale Sports & Community College's list of accreditations please click this link.

Our Mission:

Risedale Sports and Community College – committed to nurturing and sustaining a positive future for all, through an inclusive and exceptional learning journey.

Our Aims:

  • To ensure everyone exceeds their potential
  • To shape our curriculum to meet the future aspirations of our children
  • To learn from failures and celebrate success
  • To always be a force for resilience and excellence

Are you the person we’ve been looking for?

If so what do we expect from you?

  • A passionate commitment to education and young people - to engage, motivate and respond positively to challenge and high expectations;
  • To contribute, make a difference and have a tangible impact - turning enthusiasm and commitment into action;
  • Creative, fresh and innovative thinking - seeking out the most efficient/effective practice and to be an active participant in a process of development, using self-evaluation to enhance students’ opportunities for academic progress and personal growth;
  • A spirit of collaboration - an ability to relate to and build relationships with students, parents, and other members of the community.

For more information about living and teaching in North Yorkshire please visit

Top 10 reasons to work at Risedale

  1. A supportive team - “I work at Risedale because our students are fab, our support team are terrific and our teachers are the best!” Sarah Matthewman - Assistant Principal (SLT)
  2. Fun and friends - “My favourite thing about working at Risedale is being part of a family. The staff and students have great working relationships and this means that the atmosphere in lessons and around the college is always positive and about achieving” Laura Dunphy - Teacher of Science, Subject Leader PSHCE Pres Eve 26-09-18.jpg

  3. Building on what we've already achieved - “I have worked at Risedale for 28 years so I must enjoy it (or I’m unemployable elsewhere). Risedale has been on an interesting journey with its ups and downs but the staff have always been helpful and supportive to each other. Visitors often remark that the college has a real buzz and the students are polite and engaged. Risedale is a ‘get on with it school’ and with the help of students and staff we all get the job done together” Gary Lamont - ICT Manager

  4. A rewarding environment where we make a difference - “I work at Risedale because it is a positive, friendly school, with a strong staff team, who are focussed entirely on enriching the students’ experience of life and of learning as a priority. Our students are well mannered, engaged and incredibly rewarding to work with” Jaime Westwood - Head of Art

  5. Being part of a diverse team and community - “I’ve worked at Risedale for 20 years because I like the size of the school and the great diversity of students that attend here. I love the community feel we have as I went to a small secondary school myself. There are great opportunities for staff and students to work together as a positive force in the local area” Selina Brierley - Head of PESBr PE Presentation.jpg

  6. One-of-a-kind experiences - "35 years ago when I walked out of the school gates for what I thought was the last time as a student, I would never have dreamt that one day I would be part of the Senior Leadership Team and share responsibilities for the running of the school that once educated me. Risedale Sports & Community College is a truly special place and I feel very lucky to still be part of it!” Gill Morrissey - Director of Facilities (SLT)

  7. A strong ethos and values - “Risedale staff work hard and enthusiastically to provide opportunities for learning, they are a fair, friendly and supportive team” Andrea Benson - Student Support Manager

  8. Ability to develop and nurture - “People have described me as 'Risedale through and through'. I went to school at Risedale, my father was the Head of Science (when I joined) and mother has worked here on supply. I've never worked in another school and will be happy to remain at Risedale for the rest of my career. Why? You will never find a more supportive, caring and dedicated group of people in any other school or walk of life. Teachers at Risedale bend over backwards (or any other direction) for the students they teach. I will be sending both of my daughters here when the time finally comes!” Mark Carter - Head of Maths and Computing Faculty

  9. A unique culture - “I really enjoy working at Risedale, and hope the fact that I have been here for over 25 years is evidence of that. The main reason I enjoy it is because of the fabulous students and staff, and their togetherness and the way they look out for each other. This is particularly true during educational visits and I have been fortunate to experience 8 ski trips to Austria and Italy during my many happy years here!” Terry McCann - Leadership Continuity (SLT)

  10. The challenge - “I enjoy working at Risedale because of the diversity of the school. No two days are the same and it’s never ever dull!” Stef Blood - PA to the Principal