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At Risedale we believe that our uniform helps students to feel part of the College. The College uniform and PE kit is a requirement for every student and is available to purchase from

Uniform Students May 2018.jpgOur uniform:

  • Blazer: A black blazer with patch pockets and the College badge (the badge is already embroidered onto the blazer).
  • Tie: A College tie – clip on. *
  • Shirt: Formal white shirt or fitted blouse (worn tucked in) with neck button fastening for the tie.
  • Skirts: Plain black, knee length or Trousers: Plain black, long. No denim material, no leggings, no jeggings, no skinny-leg trousers.
  • Jumper: An optional plain black crew or V-neck jumper may be worn. (No hoodies, no jumpers with large logos and no sports tops.)
  • Shoes: Plain black dress shoes or boots only.
  • Black socks only or black/neutral coloured tights.
  • Belts must be black with a small plain buckle.
* Ties are available to purchase from the school reception for £5; this can either be paid for in cash at reception or by using your Risedale ParentPay account.

The College has the right to respond to current styles of fashion in order to maintain consistency and standards of uniform. Failure to comply with uniform regulations will result in isolation until the issue is resolved. Please be careful accepting what supermarkets offer in their 'school uniform section'; these clothes often do not comply with school uniform regulations.

PE Kit, GCSE PE and BTEC in Sport Uniform:

  • Risedale branded PE t-shirt.
  • Plain navy shorts.
  • Appropriate sports footwear.
  • Risedale branded sports jumper (optional).
  • Navy sports socks (optional).

Students that have opted for either GCSE PE or BTEC in Sport at Key Stage 4 have a specific kit which can be purchased from

Here are a few helpful steps to enable parents/carers to purchase the correct kit:

  • Once you have navigated to click to view the 'Garment Bundles' page.
  • To purchase the GCSE PE kit click STUDENT PE
  • To purchase the BTEC in Sport kit click STUDENT BTEC
  • From here, all you need to do is select the correct size for each garment and make payment.
  • Training Tops (Drill Tops) can also be purchased but are NOT a compulsory item of uniform. These additional items can be purchased by accessing the appropriate pages; STUDENT PE TOP UPS or STUDENT BTEC TOP UPS

Other information regarding uniform and appearance:

  • All students must have a bag suitable for carrying their books, pencil case and PE kit.
  • Caps are not allowed.
  • Outdoor coats must be warm and waterproof.
  • Hair must be of one natural colour and extreme hairstyles are not allowed.
  • Discreet make-up only.
  • No false nails or nail polish to be worn.
  • No jewellery except a watch. One small pair of sleepers/studs which may be worn in ears but no other piercings of any kind are permitted.
  • All jewellery is to be removed for PE and where required in other practical lessons. No plasters to be worn to cover piercings.

Non-uniform clothing must be removed before morning registration and stored in the student's locker or bag. 

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