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 Risedale News

Race to School
On Wednesday 30th November a group of 
students attended the Race to School day at Catterick Racecourse.
This was a day full of exciting activities
facilitated by the British Horseracing Education and Standards Trust.
We were lucky to be guided on the day by two ex-racing jockeys, Carrie Ford and
Ollie McPhail. Risedale was the only school in the area invited to participate in this event
designed to show how numeracy and science are used in the racing world.
From understanding the handicapping system to ensure an exciting race; from measuring the jumps and examining their construction, to  running the final half furlong and understanding how a  photo finish is judged; the students were kept busy all day. There was though still time to judge the ‘best turned out’ and award the winner with a handsome cheque, as well as watch several races and present the trophies to the winning owners and trainers. Lauren Robinson sums up the day, ‘Overall it was a terrific, splendid and very fun experience’.