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At Risedale we believe that our uniform helps students to feel part of the College. The College uniform and PE kit is a requirement for every student and is available to purchase from


Our uniform:

  • A black blazer with patch pockets and the College badge (the badge is already embroidered on).
  • A College tie – clip on.
  • Formal white shirt or fitted blouse (worn tucked in) with neck button fastening for the College tie.
  • Black trousers/skirt (plain, classic and conventional length – no denim material. No leggings, jeggings, skinny-leg trousers).
  • Belts must be black with a small plain buckle.
  • Black/white socks only or black/neutral coloured tights.
  • Black shoes (no trainer/skater shoes, pumps or boots). Please see website for pictures of appropriate shoes.
  • Separate PE shoes are required.

The College has the right to respond to current styles of fashion in order to maintain consistency and standards of uniform. These regulations are designed for student safety and to comply with insurance requirements.

Other information regarding uniform and appearance:

  • Caps are not allowed at all as part of the uniform (standard wool hats used to keep warm to be worn outside only).
  • Outdoor coats must be of a standard type – no hoodies or cardigans.
  • Outdoor jackets must be stored in locker during the College day.
  • Hair must be of one natural colour and extreme hairstyles are not allowed.
  • Discreet make-up only.
  • NO jewellery, except a watch and one small pair of sleepers/studs in ears.  No nose or other facial piercings, no false nails.
  • A bag suitable for carrying books, pencil case, planner and PE kit.
  • All jewellery to be removed for PE and where required in other practical lessons. No plasters to be worn to cover piercings.

Please note that College uniform and PE kit is available to purchase from Uniforms Direct


Examples of appropriate types of shoes:

GIRLS SHOES                                                                   BOYS SHOES


Link to Schoolshop Website Price Update Letter - March 2016

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