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Code of Conduct

In order to establish and maintain safe, caring and orderly environments for purposeful learning,

We all:

  • are punctual;
  • allow others to learn and teachers to teach;
  • come prepared for work and are properly equipped;
  • treat one another with politeness, courtesy and respect;
  • act on reasonable requests;
  • respect school buildings and environment and are careful of others’ property;
  • are consistent and fair in our responses to unacceptable behaviour.

Every member of our school community has the right to learn, work and take part in the wider life of our school free from prejudice or discrimination of any kind.

As members of Risedale Sports & Community College, all students have a duty to:

  • Report incidents of inappropriate behaviour or actions which encourage prejudice or discrimination. This might include racist or homophobic bullying.
  • To contribute to learning and teaching so that all students may access opportunities which lead to spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. This includes respect and sensitivity towards others, interpersonal skills such as empathy and a consideration for the needs of others in a group situation.
  • Report concerns about any student or friend where their behaviour towards other people leaves you worried that they are not accepting of others. Report concerns regarding antisocial or criminal behaviour.
  • Appropriately challenge student responses where there are incidences of prejudice, discrimination or extremism so that all may learn in a safe environment.
  • Seek help or support wherever a student feels uncomfortable or concerned about an issue so that all members of the school community may flourish. 

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