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Activities Timetable: Lunchtime and after school extra-curricular activities for students

  • Students, please see the PE notice board for information regarding sporting fixtures.
  • It is the responsibility of the student to inform their parent/carer if they wish to attend an after school activity and to find out the details involved.
  • Some activities may have limited spaces available - please check with your teacher!
Activities Timetable Jan 2020.jpg

Monday 13th January saw the start of the 2020 Delancey UK Schools' Chess Challenge. Some familiar faces from last year were once again determined to prove their chess prowess. Benjamin Fulton, Dmitri-Schwartz-Hall, Jamie Kelley, Keira Hodgson, Cole McGregor and James Balchin all returned for the second year in a row. This year, they will be joined by the unknown quantities that are; Isabelle Ellis, Joshua Edwards, Hannah Bell, Nimon Rai, Reece Squire and Archie Bassett.

The first round of any competition can often lead to some difficult pairings for the less experienced challengers and that proved the case, with confident wins in this round for Ben and Dmitri. Jamie played a fine game, particularly in the opening, but missed a few chances for the crucial checkmate. Keira Hodgson and Josh Edwards played a very defensive game, with almost no pieces taken with 5 minutes to go. A sudden flurry of moves at the end led to a win for Josh. Cole and Isabelle also had victories in this first round.

This year, the students will not only be competing for a chance to play for the school at the area championships, but a chance to keep a piece of Risedale's history for a year. The Risedale School Chess Trophy was recently rediscovered after over 40 years. This was last won by Stephen Wagstaff in 1979. Stephen, if you are out there, get in touch. This year's winner will get their name on the very same trophy!

Next week's pairings:

  • Ben Fulton vs Josh Edwards
  • Dmitri Schwartz-Hall vs Cole McGregor
  • Isabelle Ellis Vis Jamie Kelley
  • Hannah Bell vs Archie Bassett
  • Keira Hodgson vs Reece Squire
  • James Balchin vs Nimon Rai

Good luck to all competitors! ♖♛♘

Mr Carter - Head of Mathematics Faculty