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Police Cadets

The Volunteer Police Cadet scheme is open to young people aged 14 to 18. The Catterick branch is based at Risedale Sports and Community College and run by North Yorkshire Police.

To find out more about becoming a Volunteer Police Cadet with North Yorkshire Police, please visit:


Why should you join the Police Cadets?

As well as having fun, being a cadet is a great way to…

  • Meet new people
  • Take part in loads of activities
  • Gain new skills and experience
  • Get involved in your local community and make a difference
  • Learn about policing

What’s involved?

Cadets meet for two hours on a weekday evening during term time. Cadet nights include:

  • Learning about policing duties and skills, and basic law
  • Physical activities
  • Drill

Additional events will also be arranged, some in conjunction with our surrounding forces.

After completion of your 12-week induction training you will attend a passing out parade where you will take the cadet oath. Your family and friends will be invited as guests.

You will also get to meet different departments within the police service such as local policing teams, the Dog Section, Firearms Unit, Roads Policing and Crime Scene Investigation units.

What types of activity will I get involved in after my initial training?

In addition to the weekly training night, cadets are expected to volunteer at least three hours per month contributing towards local community policing objectives such as:

  • Assisting with local community events such as fairs, town shows, carnivals and other local events.
  • Assisting the local Neighbourhood Policing Teams through leaflet drops, crime prevention initiatives, community safety events and street surveys.
  • Helping as role play volunteers in the training of student police officers and Special Constables.

For Police Cadet recruitment opportunities in Harrogate, York and Catterick Garrison click here to find out more and apply.


To find out more about becoming a Volunteer Police Cadet with North Yorkshire Police, please visit: