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Risedale Renews Covenant with Armed Forces

Photo: Risedale Principal Colin Scott, Lieutenant Colonel Joe Jordan Catterick Garrison Commander, Assistant Principal Sally Zaranko and S01 Mark Logie.

Risedale Sports and Community College and the British Army in Catterick have signed a covenant to recognise the union between the organisations.

In April Risedale Principal Colin Scott and Assistant Principal Sally Zaranko gave a warm welcome to Lieutenant Colonel Joe Jordan, Catterick Garrison Commander, to sign and renew the Armed Forces Covenant.

The covenant is a Government-backed agreement formalising and celebrating the union between schools, the Armed Forces community and their families.

Lt Col Jordan, who has recently been appointed to Risedale's board of governors, was accompanied by S01 Mark Logie (Military Civil Integration, HQ 4 Infantry Brigade & HQ North East) who works with the Army Youth Engagement Team, an organisation that have been supporting students at Risedale with activities 'inspiring youth and releasing potential'.

Mr Scott said: "This is a significant day for Risedale and clearly reflects our commitment to the Armed Forces and them to us.

"Renewing the Armed Forces Covenant will undoubtedly support and further strengthen our links with the military and our local community."


Photo: Risedale Principal Colin Scott and Lieutenant Colonel Joe Jordan Catterick Garrison Commander.


Photo: Assistant Principal Sally Zaranko, Risedale Principal Colin Scott, Lieutenant Colonel Joe Jordan Catterick Garrison Commander and S01 Mark Logie.